Grodziec Castle

The First Tourist Site in Europe


Grodziec Castle, Grodziec 111, 59-516 Zagrodno
phone: +48 76 300 10 20, +48 504 051 022, +48 509 131 754

Opening hours:

Opening hours (1 XI – 31 I) from 10:00 – 16:00, (01 II – 31 III) from 10:00 – 17:00, (1 IV – 31 X) from 10:00 – 18:00.



Sightseeing, buffet, souvenirs, accommodation, armory, viewpoint.

Grodziec Castle

The first settlement on the extinct volcano, rising nearly 400 metres above sea level, existed here in the days of the Bobrzanie Slavic tribe. The current layout of Grodziec Castle was designed and built in 1470 by the Duke of Legnica, Frederick I. The majesty of one of the most beautiful Gothic-Renaissance residence in Silesia became its curse. For centuries it attracted successive invaders. Charged with the costs of maintaining the castle, residents of the neighbouring villages decided to remove the troublesome structure from the face of the earth thus assisting with its demolition. Fortunately, this objective was only partially realised. In 1800, after parts of the ruins were secured, rebuilt and the main building refitted, Grodziec Castle became the first venue in Europe especially prepared for tourists. One hundred years later, thanks to a major refurbishment, it regained its former glory and the subsequent opening of a museum here was made by Emperor Wilhelm II himself, assisted by ministers and numerous courtiers. The castle has maintained its tourist character to this day, offering not only sightseeing but also a range of accommodation and organisation of events.

Grodziec – Castle on the extinct volcano 🙂

Zamek Grodziec

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