Wojnowice Castle

A Fairytale Sanctuary


Wojnowice Castle, 2 Zamkowa Street, 55-330 Wojnowice
phone: +48 71 341 71 97 extension 20
e-mail: rezerwacje@zamekwojnowice.com.pl

Opening housr:

The restaurant in the castle is open on saturdays and sundays from 12:00.



The sightseeing is free of charge, in the castle grounds there is a park, The St. James’s Trail cross the area of the castle, accomodation for 18 people.

Wojnowice Castle

Who in their childhood has not dreamt of going back to the good old days? The world, in which history mingled with fairytales, was filled with princesses, palaces and above all – conflicts. Anyone who has ever tried to build a sandcastle knows that a vital element for its security was a moat filled with water that surrounding the structure. Anyone who had the opportunity to visit Wojnowice Castle, during that time would have confidence in the knowledge that castles on water do exist.
This small palace is actually situated on wooden stilts. Surrounded by a beautiful park, it is an ideal location for a weekend trip into the country. With it being only 20 kilometres from Wroclaw, it’s no wonder that it attracts the young and the old, or individuals and families at any time of the year. The turmoil of war passed this place by as it has remained unchanged since its Renaissance reconstruction in the sixteenth century. Were children strategists correct in giving water such high defensive implications? Today, the castle has a restaurant which offers interesting gastronomic dishes as well as comfortable accommodation facilities. For many couples it is the ideal location for a truly fairytale wedding.

Wojnowice Castle – A Fairytale Sanctuary

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