Topacz Castle

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Topacz Castle, 12 Główna Street, Ślęza
55-040 Kobierzyce, phone: +48 71 771 99 99

Opening hours:

Open all year: hotel, restaurant from 12:00 – 22:00



Walking routes, tennis courts, golf driving range, pond and beach, Museum of motor vehicles (

Topacz Castle

A businessman, a lover of old cars or maybe a music lover, is there anything that can link these three categories? All three have been invited over the threshold of Castle Topacz over the last several years. The evolution of a medieval residential tower into a luxury four-star hotel is a true example of a time machine.
From its humble beginnings in the fourteenth century, successive owners have expanded this structure and adapted to their very diverse needs. Hence, visiting the castle, which survived the turmoil of war because it became a warehouse for sugar, can become an interesting journey through history. Even, during the time of the People’s Republic, rice fields were established here using the labours of prisoners.
Today, Topacz Castle has become a well-recognized brand. The large estate covers an area of fifty hectares and includes many buildings, bike and rollerblade trails, a lake with a beach, tennis courts, canoe trails and a golf driving range. An Automobile Museum, also situated on its grounds, boasts many beautiful and valuable exhibits, including more than a hundred that were produced in Poland. The castle grounds are cleverly used to present operatic blockbusters. Interestingly, the estate is located so close to Wroclaw that it can easily be reached by public transport.

Topacz Castle – An Automobile Museum

Zamek Topacz

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