Lomnica Palace

Liaison Full of Flavours


Lomnica Palace, 3 Karpnicka Street,
Lomnica, 58-508 Jelenia Góra
phone: +48 75 71 304 60, fax +48 75 71 305 33
e-mail: hotel@palac-lomnica.plwww. palac-lomnica.pl

Opening hours:

All year season. Restauracja Pałacowa: pn. – niedz. 12.00 – 22.00. Restauracja „Stara Stajnia”: pn. – niedz. 11.00 – 20.00. Muzeum i sklepy: 10.00 – 19.00.



Zwiedzanie, muzeum, noclegi, kuchnia szkoleniowa, sklepy z lnem i lokalnym rękodziełem, kiermasze, konferencje, imprezy firmowe, uroczystości rodzinne.

Lomnica Palace

In the minds of many, border regions are linked by anxiety, conflicts and have a complicated history. Many palaces, castles or manor houses bear the scars of their turbulent history, changes and tests of strength. It is all the more satisfying when someone is found who has changed a negative location into a positive one, just like in the Lomnica Dominion.
The property complex includes a Baroque palace from 1720, the so-called Small Palace, which is less than a hundred years younger, and the manor farm museum. The entire estate is enveloped by a romantic park that is delineated by the Bobr River. The complex is run by the descendants of the pre-war owners who have elevated this gem from a total ruin. They have also ensured that Lomnica Palace today is an important local cultural centre.
Throughout the year, both young and old, can learn about traditional Polish cuisine, not only by tasting but also by participating in practical classes in a specially prepared Ziemianska Kitchen. Numerous fairs allow visitors to get acquainted with local handicrafts and the annual Flax and Gingerbread Festivals held here are important events in the life of the region. Every day, at Lomnica Palace, Polish is mixed with German and on the nearby transportation routes there are more and more foreign visitors.

Lomnica – Flax and Gingerbreads Feast

Pałac Łomnica